The importance of language when moving to anew country

Updated: Jun 16


Have you ever thought about moving to a new country? Let's take Australia into consideration. Well, many of us dream about moving to Australia, and believe me, if there is one thing you should really take into consideration among all things before you make your final decision, it is how well you are able to speak English! Yes ... that is true ... the language! Often, we think about quality of life, job prospects, criminality rate and so on. Sure, these are very important points to consider, but

the only way for you to truly be part of a community is through the language. In fact, the language that is spoken by the locals and not just of your own immigrant community.

If we look at job prospects here in Australia, the #migrants who have a better chance to succeed in their professions are the ones whose English language is quite advanced. It is a common fact that universities and colleges will accept #internationalstudents to complete a range of #courses, and it is likely that most students possess a rather intermediate level of English (for those who do not know what intermediate stands for, it is a person who can communicate in most situations but is usually unable to make complex English structures and fully develop a line of thought using English as a second language).


once they complete their graduation and it is time to apply for the governing bodies to fulfil their accreditation needs, many are unable to acquire the score necessary in international language exams to register as an active professional. For instance, we recently met a student from a South American country who completed a bachelor's in nursing, but she was unable to be accepted as a nurse by #APRA because she did not possess the #English level necessary to be registered. Sad but true! So, what does this mean? International students and prospective migrants need to do everything possible to raise their English ability to be the professional they have always dreamt of being in the country of their choice; in #Australia is no different!

Finally, new comers should try to become part of the Australian community. In this case, meeting the locals, taking part in community groups and events, getting to know the Australian culture and learning more about why things happen the way they happen; there is no one better for this introduction than the good old Aussies! The moment you decide to migrate to a country, you are accepting several cultural nuances that you might find strange or different to what you are used to, but they are there and need to be respected and understood. Taking all things into consideration, the English language is what unites us all here in Australia. The way for newcomers to be a functioning person inside this country, with better chances to achieve higher levels of citizenship is through language, and that is just the start. Maybe it is time to really step up the game and apply yourself to speak InEnglish!

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