Our Story

  • We are committed to excellence.
  • We differentiate our methodology to our students’ needs.
  • We have a strong desire to improve people’s lives through education.

These are the key factors that set us apart!

At InEnglish, we have a commitment with our students to help them achieve the English language proficiency they need so they can reach their dreams. It is no secret that good education will change lives, hence a student’s success becomes our own! Our students’ positive results, either by succeeding at a proficiency test or improving their English skills, are some of the reasons that motivate us to continue our journey.

Our school started with the connection of two close friends, Adriana and Michele, that had one common dream: to improve people’s lives through the delivery of innovative, dynamic and professional English language courses on the Gold Coast. Our belief is that multiculturalism and the interaction with different nationalities enriches our daily lives and knowledge.

Our Director of Studies and Teacher, Michele, has a passion for teaching English! Michele has been involved with teaching since 1992, and the love for her profession combined with an intense desire to help people improve their lives through education are what motivates her. Michele is a registered Queensland teacher specialised in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). She also holds an Australian post-graduate qualification in secondary school teaching and TESOL.

“Every encounter has pushed me to become a better teacher for my students. My students are from a variety of different nationalities and this multiculturalism has enriched my teaching methodology in ways to reach every person that I meet in the classroom.”