Survival English

The Survival English course is designed for students with basic English knowledge who struggle to get by with daily life in Australia. We focus on developing basic and important survival skills to assist students to feel confident to go on with everyday life, such as sustain a telephone conversation, undertake a job interview, and liaise with official bodies such as Queensland transport, the Department of Immigration and Private Health Insurance companies to name a few.

This course focuses on the development of basic English language skills. It aims at building a solid grammatical base, while learning the most common used English words. Students will develop an understanding of how to pronounce words properly, so they can be easily understood in everyday conversation.

During our Survival English course, you will be given assistance to create your resume, cover letter and develop skills to professionally attend a job interview. Our teaching style is dynamic, current and technologically based.

Courses are delivered as small or larger groups (no more than 8 students per class). Please contact us for to find out which class option would suit you best as well as timetables and class schedules.